Noona Verse Host

I'm a big believer in K-Pop supremacy. More specifically, J-Hope supremacy. Besides my unending love for BTS and K-Pop, I dabble in fantasy books, K-Dramas, and my cats.

I've seen BTS, The Rose, MONSTA X, SF9, and I'm on the lookout for Ateez to come my way. I've been told that I maybe overextend myself watching Asian dramas, but nine at one time is never too many.

Generally, I spend my time glued to Viki or Netflix keeping up with the newest wave. Want to see what I'm currently spending time on? Check out MyDramaList! I also run the TikTok for our podcast where we post fun tidbits from our show. Check us out Here.

Come say hi to me on twitter! I would love to chat with you. If you're into k-pop of any variety, the more the merrier!

I'm also available by email, below.

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